Build it the Ferroguard way

With our industry leading ferromagnetic detection solutions, CEU accredited training and comprehensive support, Metrasens can help you enhance the safety culture of your facility while preserving efficient workflow.

When superior MRI safety is your priority, build it the Ferroguard way with:

  • Ferromagnetic detection BEFORE the MRI door

    With Ferroguard Assure or Guardian entry control, equipped with unique Visual Early Warning (ViEW®) technology – learn more about ViEW technology

  • Super-sensitive screening

    With Ferroguard Screener, for fast and consistent Zone 2 screening

  • Consistently outstanding service and product quality

    The only FMDs designed and manufactured under ISO9001 international quality standards

  • Award winning product design

    Robust enough to cope in your busy environment, styled to fit in with the best facility design

  • An unrivalled dedication to superior training and support

    With CEU-accredited in-service training with Ferroguard Assure* and lifetime support from your local fully trained and certified Ferroguard Specialists

  • 100% Zero-Magnetic patient transfer equipment

    To ensure maximum safety and patient throughput

  • Partnered by the leaders in MRI
    Partnered by world renowned OEMs

*CEU-accredited training is currently only available in the USA. Please contact your regional representative for more information.

Metrasens Origins

As world experts in the field of magnetic detection, Dr Simon Goodyear, Mr Matthew Wooliscroft, and Dr Mark Keene founded Metrasens and developed the award winning Ferroguard products.

The team at Metrasens has been dedicated to advancing MRI safety since learning of the tragic loss of a six year old child in 2001. This fatal projectile incident occurred during the child’s MRI scan, when a ferromagnetic gas cylinder was accidently taken into the MRI room.

A wealth of experience

The Metrasens team are world leaders in ferromagnetic detection with

  • Wisdom from over 100 years of collective experience in magnetic detection technologies
  • 100+ academic publications
  • Technology patents across the USA, GB, IL, JP and ZA
  • Expertise in a range of magnetic detection applications from healthcare and submarine detection to humanitarian landmine clearance

Global Availability

Ferroguard MRI safety solutions are available globally through Metrasens' expert local distributors.

We are proud to partner with the leaders in MRI including Invivo, Philips, Siemens and GE Healthcare.

Other technology applications

Metrasens' core technology platform also delivers unrivalled benefits in specialist security markets worldwide: Metrasens Security products.

Our Ferroguard products are protected by patents:
US 7113092, GB 2395276, IL 168467, JP 4477503 and ZA 2005/03561.

Ferroguard is a registered trade mark of QinetiQ Limited in the EU and US and other countries,
used by Metrasens under licence.

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