University Health System, San Antonio, TX

Chris Vineyard

Chris Vineyard, Chief Technologist over Radiology at University Health System, San Antonio, TX

University Health System

“It is not the patient's responsibility to ensure their safety in our MRI. It is ours.”

Chris Vineyard, Chief Technologist over Radiology at University Health System has a goal to run the safest MRI facility in the state of Texas.

In 2010, Chris facilitated a safety initiative, seeking an alternative to his traditional metal detectors. Metrasens was selected because they are the only manufacturer who provides an outswing door solution prior to entering Zone IV.

Since the installation, Ferroguard has already prevented an incident from occurring. “A patient tried entering Zone IV with a pocket knife. The Ferroguard audible alarm immediately sounded. Although the patient had answered the prescreen safety form, Ferroguard was the ultimate reason an accident did not occur,” states Chris.

“Our safety process has been strengthened because of this new technology. Because of the proper precautions and safety tools in place, MRI accidents shouldn't occur. Ferroguard is a valuable resource for healthcare organizations dedicated to patient safety”, says Chris. “Because of the architectural design plans, the installation went very smoothly and I was very impressed. It was an easy transition and simple training. Furthermore, the system is easy to use and easy to calibrate.”

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Tunbridge Wells Hospital, Pembury, UK

Susie White

Susie White, MRI Manager, Tunbridge Wells Hospital at Pembury, Kent, UK

Pembury Hospital

“Ferroguard makes our staff more aware of the ferrous metal safety issues”

“It is such a quick test, it doesn’t add extra time to our patient flow, which is important in the light of ever increasing pressures to scan more patients, faster.”

The MRI unit at the Tunbridge Wells Hospital at Pembury, Kent, has become one of the latest UK facilities to install ferromagnetic metal detection technology as part of its strengthened MRI safety procedures.

Susie White, MRI Manager at the Tunbridge Wells Hospital, was looking to enhance safety levels on her new 3T unit and selected Metrasens to advise her on the most appropriate form of installation.

“Ferroguard makes our staff more aware of the ferrous metal safety issues”, says Susie. Influencing the decision to install Ferroguard was “the ability to discuss the features of the unit and how it would fit into our workflow”. The single pole patient screener chosen now forms part of the standard MRI safety check conducted on all patients prior to entering the scan room. The system reliably checks for very small ferromagnetic objects which may have been missed during the screening process. “As more MRI scanners are bought around the country, and placed in areas such as radiotherapy units, safety is a growing concern and anything that can be easily adopted and used to improve safety should be considered,” states Susie.

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Regional West Medical Centre

Sharon McKinney

Sharon McKinney Director of Imaging Regional West Medical Centre, Scottsbluff, NE

Regional West Medical Centre

“Near misses are not acceptable here at Regional West Medical Center”

Metrasens was selected by Regional West because of the superior quality of their technology, the easy installation and the competitive price of the product.

“In addition to the goals above, Metrasens was selected because of their superior customer service and the ability to provide what we needed. The installation was very smooth, the instructions on how to use the product were very straightforward and simple”, cited Sharon McKinney, Director of Imaging.

“Any opportunity to identify and correct potentially harmful behaviors or practices within high risk areas such as MRI is an opportunity for teaching and implementing new practices. Working in a safe MRI environment is essential. The Ferroguard goes that one extra step to make sure that no ferrous materials get into zones 3 and 4.”

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Bellin Hospital, Green Bay

Craig Satori

Craig Satori MRI Team Facilitator Bellin Hospital, Green Bay, WI

Bellin Hospital

“We wanted to show our patients that we care for their well-being”

Bellin Hospital chose Metrasens because of their strong showing in the detection of contraindicated objects, their competitive pricing and their flexibility to adjust the use of Ferroguard to the physical layout of the MRI facility.

The use of metal detectors is advocated by the most recent version of the ACR white paper on MRI safety,” states Craig Satori, MRI Team Facilitator. “We wanted to be sure that along with lights above the door, signs on the door, rugs in front of the door, zone postings in the building, double-screening of our patients, that the metal detectors would show our patients that we care for their well-being.

“Metrasens had a strong showing at the RSNA at the time we were looking, on site demo unit, great customer interaction, and a strong willingness to see the product be successful for us. Furthermore, this is real proof that MRI safety is important to us and not something taken lightly or overlooked.”

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Black River Falls Memorial

Mary Jo Ewing

Mary Jo Ewing Diagnostic Imaging Manager Black River Falls Memorial, Black River Falls, WI

Blac River Falls Memeorial

“We did not want to run the risk of putting our hospital on the map because of an error in MRI safety”

In 2009, Black River Falls Memorial purchased a freestanding Ferroguard unit for their in-house MRI. This precaution would prevent any incidents from occurring.

Black River Memorial’s mindset is of a preventative nature and their goal is to provide a level of safety to their patients if their staff had to respond to an emergency situation within the magnet room.

“We did not want to run the risk of putting our hospital on the map because of an error in MRI safety. A Radiologist had said to me, you can cause more damage to the patient and staff by not properly screening the patient or what goes into that magnet room”, says Mary Jo Ewing, Diagnostic Imaging Manager

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