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Published: 11/23/2011

Metrasens and Invivo sign distribution agreement for US market

Lemont, IL - Metrasens, world leader in ferromagnetic safety for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) facilities, announces today an agreement with Invivo, worldwide leader in the provision of solutions for medical diagnostic imaging facilities, as its distributor in the US for its Ferroguard range of products.

Ferromagnetic objects that are inadvertently taken into the MRI suite will be strongly attracted, often with unstoppable force, into the magnet. Such projectile accidents have resulted in patient and staff injuries, reported deaths, and costly damage to sophisticated MRI scanners. Metrasens' patented technology platform, Ferroguard, is being adopted widely by hospitals to provide protection from potentially dangerous items entering the doorway of the MRI room and for pre-screening of patients and staff when integrated simply into the facility's safety procedures.

Metrasens CEO Dr. Simon Goodyear stated: "Metrasens is excited to be working with Invivo in the US. Customer interest for ferromagnetic detection solutions has grown considerably and the partnership with Invivo will provide Metrasens with the ability to better address our customers' needs and to move our business forward rapidly. Invivo shares the Metrasens vision of providing innovative, technological solutions that enhance safety in the MRI environment; this collaboration will provide our customers with the best tools and support available for this important purpose."

Invivo, part of Philips Healthcare, is a leader in the provision of solutions to MRI facilities, thanks to long history in development of innovative RF coils, advanced image visualization systems, and MRI patient vital signs monitoring products.

"Improving patient care and patient safety in the MRI has been the backbone of Invivo for over 20 years," -said Kevin Jirka, Invivo marketing manager. "Earlier this year Invivo released the Essential which is the first transport monitor designed specifically for the MRI environment. The Ferroguard complements our product portfolio and extends our ability to improve patient care and patient safety during MRI procedures. We will demonstrate how the Invivo Expression, Essential and Ferroguard enhance the ability to care for a patient through complex MRI procedures at our RSNA booth #3419."

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