New from Metrasens Ferroguard Assure
Smart Alarm

Includes our NEW workflow optimising Smart Alarm™,
which dramatically decreases extraneous audible alarms


In-depth in-service training to help maximize safety processes and workflow

Ongoing partnership for long-term safety with Metrasens as your safety partner, delivering:

  • CE-accredited safety training
  • Ferrous-free work-wear
  • Telephone and on-site consulting

…and more

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Ferroguard your MRI suite with Metrasens

Choose Ferroguard's industry leading screening and entry control safety solutions and you can be confident that ferrous objects, large and small, will be detected before the threshold of your MRI room.

Safety at the right time, in the right zone

Zone 3 Screening Zone 4 Entry Control

Detect even the smallest hazards with Ferroguard Screener, the most sensitive ferromagnetic screener available.

Upgrade your Zone 4 safety with Ferroguard Guardian, with its superior detection, durable design and support you can trust.

Take MRI Zone 4 safety to a new level with Ferroguard Assure and get an all encompassing combination of technology, education and support.

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Ferroguard Screener ▶

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Ferroguard Guardian ▶

Find out more about
Ferroguard Assure ▶

Metrasens – supporting you every step of the way

Choose Ferroguard from Metrasens and you will be installing peace of mind in your MRI suite:

  • Rely upon consistent and reliable ferromagnetic detection

    Because Ferroguard is the only FMD manufacturer that uses highly sensitive Fluxgate technology

  • Benefit from reliably outstanding service and product quality

    Metrasens is the only FMD manufacturer to hold ISO9001 certification for quality management

  • Have award winning products installed in your MRI facility

    Robust enough to cope in your busy environment, styled to fit in with the best facility design

  • Use our 100% ferrous-free patient transfer equipment

    To ensure maximum safety and patient throughput

  • Be confident, knowing that you have chosen the supplier partnered by the leaders in MRI
    Partnered by world renowned OEMs

To discuss how our Safety Solutions can Ferroguard your MRI suite, contact one of our Ferroguard specialists.

Ferroguard should not be used to replace current MRI screening procedures. The safety of staff and patients is best served by the combination of conscientious screening protocols, thorough staff training AND installation of a ferromagnetic detection system used in the correct manner.

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