NEW Ferroguard Assure offers you even more

Workflow optimising Smart Alarm™

Smart Alarm

Dramatically decreases extraneous audible alarms, ensuring seamless workflow around the MRI doorway.

This decrease in alarms also helps to alleviate today’s growing problem of 'alarm fatigue'.

In-depth in-service training

Provided by a Ferroguard product specialist, to help maximize safety processes and workflow.

Ongoing partnership for long-term safety

Choose Ferroguard Assure for your MRI facility and Metrasens becomes your long-term safety partner, delivering:

  • CE-accredited safety training
    Online and in-house MRI Safety training options, including CE-Certified by ASRT
  • Ferrous-free work-wear
    Advice on implementation of ferrous-free clothing
  • Telephone and on-site consulting
    To ensure the continued effectiveness of your Ferroguard Assure package

Download the Ferroguard Assure brochure ▶

Download the Ferroguard Assure brochure

Ferroguard Assure

Take MRI Zone 4 safety to a new level with Ferroguard Assure and get an all encompassing combination of technology, education and support.

Invest in NEW Ferroguard Assure and you will be buying the world's premier Zone 4 safety package, including:

  • Consistent and reliable ferromagnetic detection

    The only FMD manufacturer to use industry leading Fluxgate technology, giving you the confidence that all ferrous risks are detected BEFORE the MRI door.

  • All ferromagnetic alerts guaranteed before the MRI door

    With the unique Visual Early Warning (ViEW®) technology for ultimate safety in Zone 4.

    Find out more about ViEW technology ▶
  • Intuitive visual alerts

    Ferroguard Assure's alert system is simple to understand:
    GREEN – Pass safely to Zone 4.
    AMBER – Caution, ferromagnetic material detected. Check before proceeding.
    RED – Stop. Significant ferromagnetic material detected.

  • Outstanding design quality

    Manufactured from robust, durable aluminum and styled to meet the high esthetic standards of the best MRI facilities.

  • Optimal operation for all door configurations

    Our patented dual-sensor technology is always wall-mounted OUTSIDE the MRI door, even with outward opening doors.

    This ensures that all ferrous objects are detected BEFORE the MRI threshold, whatever the door configuration. Alerting in Zone 4 is simply TOO LATE.

  • All-inclusive installation support

    Every MRI facility that invests in Ferroguard Assure receives our excellent installation support package:

    • Architectural and design advice and planning support
    • Professional installation by fully certified Ferroguard engineers

To discuss how Ferroguard Assure can help you achieve MRI safety through technology, education and support, contact one of our Ferroguard specialists.

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Ferroguard should not be used to replace current MRI screening procedures. The safety of staff and patients is best served by the combination of conscientious screening protocols, thorough staff training AND installation of a ferromagnetic detection system used in the correct manner.

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